Fatwa: # 18907
Category: Jurisprudence and Rulings...
Country: Germany
Date: 23rd August 2010




Assalam-u-alikum Mufti Sab,

I am from India living in Germany . Recently we did Aqiqah of my child(girl).we have divided the meat into 3 parts, one part is given to poor and with the rest of 2 parts we arranged a fest to friends and relatives.we have recievd lot of gifts.later we came to know that if we take the gifts, aqiqah will not be accpeted. is that correct?. If so then what shall we do ?

My wife underwent Ceserian ( which is planned because of childs position) to give birth to the child. we have informed our midwife that we want only female docotor to do this,she said that while fixing the appointment she informed the hospital authority.But on the operation day, in the operation theatre apart from the femal docotors there were 2 male assistants.knowing that it is wrong i could not able to ask or stop that. after that my wife and myself regret a lot, and whenever i remember that it hurts me. what shall we do now, is there any kaffara ??




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