Fatwa#: 32757
Asked Country: United Arab Emirates

Answered Date: Nov 30,-0001



Assalam walekum !! I am married for last 9 years and I do not have a kid so now I have adopted a daughter of my younger brother. After reading so many hadith online and consulting some Mufti, they said I can not give my name to the daughter as mentioned in holy Quran. The aim of adoption in Islam history was to save the children from slavery or to adopt orphans. But in my case my aim to adopt the daughter is because i do not have any kid and my daughter''s parents has allowed me to give my name as father to their daughter. So Can i give my name as Father to this daugher or no ? I Stay abroad where as my wife is leaving in India since we adopted this baby as the baby doesnt have a passport due to this name issue ? If i do not give my name to baby, Passport can not be made and I can not leave with them in abroad. Please help me to sort out this issue. Jazak allah...


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