Fatwa: # 20136
Date: 30th November -0001



"Love for ones country is part of faith" .can u please explain this statement,Is this a fabricated hadiths.Because Im an Indian ,I love it very much right from child hood ,even during India vs pakistan cricket match when muslim friends says to support pakistan ,I will deny and support India.I always think that if there is any war between two countries India and Pakistan ,I have to support India as it is war between two countries but if there is any war between muslims and non muslims we have to support muslims.Can u please explain me clearly what indian muslims have to do ,if there is any fight between india and pakistan (even during cricket matches) and what to do if there is fight between muslims and non muslims,obviously we have to support muslims in the second case.I also deny fact that I have to support pakistan because from my knowledge there in that country ,there is no law of shariath,many muslim guys are without beard and many muslimahs are without hijab.They are practicise of nikah is also worst than hindus ,I watched few muslim pakistani cricket players marriage in youtube ,none of their wives adopt hijab ,then why i have to support them.Offcourse in Pakistani they are doing good in tabligh sacrificing a lot. second question :I feel im a hypocrite.So i think it is better to lead a normal life like others than having beard and going in tabligh .Can u tell me any person who was initially a hypocrite ,then changed to be a good muslim ,I request u scholars to make dua for me ,that I have to love prophet(pbuh) and ALLAH(swt).Im very depressed


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