Fatwa: # 38500
Category: Zakat
Country: Canada
Date: 3rd September 2017


Zakaat to ones Uncle


Assalaam Aliekum,

Can I give zakat to my uncle, who is married and have 6 kids. I bleieve that he have more amount than Nisab in his current bank account but he is currently jobless for past few months and pulling money from this account to survive.

Later this year, he plans for his daughters marriage and needs help as he can not afford by himself.

So, is this accetable for me to give my zakat to him?

JazakAllah Khair.



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

If your uncle has more cash than the nisaab amount of Zakat and he does not have liabilities equivalent to or more than the amount he has in the bank, then he does not qualify as a legitimate recipient of Zakat.

If he has liabilities lesser than the amount in the bank and the surplus in the bank after deducting his liabilities is not equivalent to the nisaab amount, then he qualifies as a legitimate recipient of Zakat.

In that instance, it will be more rewarding to give your Zakat to your uncle.[i]

If and when your uncle becomes indebted due to getting his daughters married, then you may assist him with your Zakat money according to the nisaab principle explained above.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Abdullah Syed Sajid

Student Darul Iftaa
Houston, TX, USA 

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.


[i]  الدر المختار وحاشية ابن عابدين (رد المحتار) (2/ 354) 

والأفضل إخوته وأخواته ثم أولادهم ثم أعمامه وعماته ثم أخواله وخالاته ثم ذوو أرحامه ثم جيرانه ثم أهل سكته ثم أهل بلده كما في النظم. اهـ


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 وأما الأخوة والأخوات والأعمام والعمات والأخوال والخالات وأولادهم فلا بأس بدفع الزكاة إليهم، وذكر الزندويسني أن الأفضل في مصرف الزكاة المال إلى هؤلاء السبعة، أخوته وأخواته الفقراء، ثم أولادهم ثم أعمامه وعماته الفقراء، ثم أخواله وخالاته الفقراء، ثم ذوو أرحامهم ثم جيرانه ثم أهل سكنه ثم أهل مصره.


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فتاوی محموديہ جلد 9 ص 540


احسن الفتاوی جلد 4 ص 279

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