Fatwa: # 26264
Category: Fasting
Country: United States
Date: 5th September 2013


Does sickness exempt one from fasting?


I have been trying to fast for the past few days, and everyday I get very sick...vommiting headache weakness etc. even after it is ime to break fast, I am unable to eat anything. I also have to take care of my child, I was wondering if its permissible for me to be excused from fasting and if so, what do I have to do to compensate my missed fasts. 




In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykumwa-rahmatullāhiwa-barakātuh.

In principle, if one fears that one will become sick by fasting or one’s sickness will be aggravated by fasting, then such a person is excused from fasting. However, such a person will be obligated to keep one Qadha fast for each missed fast.[1]

You state that you experience vomiting, headaches, weakness, etc while fasting; therefore you are exempted from fasting. You should compensate for the missed fasts as soon as possible by keeping one Qadha fast for every missed fast.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best                                       

Mufti Ismail Desai,
Darul Iftaa
Durban, South Africa

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

1او مريض خاف الزيادة أو ابطاء البرء او فساد عضو بحر او وجع العين او جرا حة او صداع او غيره (رد المحتار، ص 422، ج 2)

و صحيح خاف المرض (تنوير، ص 422، ج 2)

و المرض الذي يبيح الفطر ما يخاف منه الموت او زيادة علة (الفتاوي التاتارخانية، ص 222، ج 1)

لمن خاف زيادة المرض الفطر (كنز الدقائق، ص 281، ج 2)

و الصحيح الذي يخشي ان يمرض بالصوم فهو كالمريض (بحر الرائق، ص 281، ج 2)

مسائل رفعت قاسمي للشيخ رفعت القاسمي، ص 185، ج 4

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