Fatwa: # 19450
Category: Hajj
Country: South Africa
Date: 21st September 2011


What is the validity of haj which was paid using money which my wife received through inheritance?


I hope this mail finds you in the best of health.

I got married with a girl in 1987. Her real father expired few months after, thus she and her younger sister recieved two third (2/3) of the pension fund from his government office.

In 1992 my mother in law and her family (i.e two daughters from the first husband and a daughter and young son (who was not adult at that time) from her present husband) made a program at my home to go to hajj this year. They asked for my assistance in obtaining the Hajj approval and in the process I got approval from President of Pakistan, hence the president secretariat released a quota for six persons by name to hajj office for further process. I also got special approval for our seven month daughter from the minister for Hajj.

My mother in-law paid the total cost of Hajj for six adults and 10% ticket cost for the infant daughter.Since my mother- in-law had relatives in Makkah where all of us could stay, I asked the concerned party to refund the cost of living and travel expenses except air tickets and haj agent fee in Saudi Arabia. Out of the total cost of Rs 39000 per person the hajj department returned about Rs29000per person. At that time I didn’t have the resources to pay the cost incurred on Haj. I was the only MAHRAM in the group.

My wife latter informed me that she used the funds out of inheritance received from her father’s death.

Now a friend has informed me that your Hajj in 1992 would be considered as a nafli haj and that I need to preform another hajj from my own funds. May I know where I stand on this matter?If I am living in Saudi Arabia due to the job of my wife and we want to go for Hajj this year. What will be my position for this coming Hajj?'


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh. 

The hajj performed in 1991 is valid and will be considered as your fardh hajj.

If you perform hajj this year, it will be considered as Nafl Hajj[2].


[1] شرح ملا علي القاري علي لباب المناسك ( ص 13 / طبعة قديمة )

(فإن قبل المال وجب) أي عليه الحج إجماعا .

الفتاوى التاترخانية ( ص 471 / ج 3 / مكتبة زكريا )

وإن كان صحيح البدن إلا أنه لا يملك الزاد والراحلة لكن بذل له الغير الزاد والراحلة في طريق الحج، ومعناه أنه أباح له غيره لا تثبت الاستطاعة عندنا .

الفتاوى التاترخانية ( ص 475 / ج 3 / مكتبة زكريا )

الخانية: وإن لم يكن لها محرم لا يجب عليها أن تتزوج ليحج بها كما لا يجب علي الفقير اكتساب المال لأجل الحج، ويجب عليها النفقة والراحلة في مالها للمحرم ليحج بها، م: وروى الحسن عن أبي حنيفة في المرأة القادرة علي نفقة نفسها ونفقة المحرم أن الحج يفترض عليها ، وأكثر المتأخرين علي أنها إذا وجدت محرما لا تكون عليها نفقته يفترض عليها الحج، وإلا فلا .

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[2] حاشية قره كمال علي شرح الوقاية ( ص 188 / ج 1 / مخطوط )

وذكر في الكافي ولا يجب في العمرة إلا مرة لأن الأقرع بن حابس قال يا رسول الله أحج في عام أو مرة فقال (( بل مرة فما زاد فتطوع ))


And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Mawlana Mohammad Patel

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

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