Fatwa: # 16098
Category: Misc. Fiqh
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 24th January 2008






Assalamu Alaikum
Im a 21year old pakistani girl, who really wants to marry a somali. My mum and dad would never let me marry him whereas his parents have accepted me and want me to get married to him as soon as poosible. I have not actually talked about him to my parents but this is something which would be totally out of question. I am also hesistant to even tell my parents about him because of the reaction i would get. Personally, I dont see a problem at all, with us both being Muslims Allhamdulilah but i beleive my parents will no accept him, i pray my parents accept him Insha’Allah. He has got to the stage where he is feeling agitated because he thinks he wont be able to marry me, he has had a very difficult life having being born in Kenya, he has a criminal record and he is currently in prison for an offence which he was not responsible for. My parents would not accept this kind of person. But i love him very much. When he is released from prison soon (Insha'Allah) he wants to do 'nikah' with me as he wants to start a family with me, he said the only way to go about it is to have a 'secret marriage' by going to an Imam which im not happy about as i dont want to go behind my parents back and upset my parents but i just want them to accept him as he is. Insha'Allah. We are both stressed over this. Please could you give me detailed advice as to what to do.

Jazak'Allah Khair.
(Please pray for me


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