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Country: United States
Date: 1st February 2007


Is there such as thing as "soulmates" in Islam?


Is there such as thing as "soulmates" in Islam?  LIke, if there is a person out there who is destined for you?...


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Allah Ta’ala is the Creator of the universe and has arranged the various functions of the world in a systematic order. Every creation of Allah is unique in its own right. Allah has created us as the paragon of His creation to worship Him Alone and recognize his Oneness and greatness. Allah has sent us to the world to test us through the various phases of life and to examine to whom our faith and allegiance lay. Allah’s knowledge is complete, comprehensive and absolute. Nothing escapes the knowledge of Allah. It is our belief and Aqeedah that whatever happens, happens with the will and order of Allah.

Allah has created different items and facilities for our comfort. In order to continue with a normal life, it is necessary for us to make use of these items and facilities that Allah has arranged. The world is Daarul Asbaab (place of adopting the means). The world is a place of cause and effect. In order to move from A to B, one will have to employ the services of a conveyance to transport him/her. It is against the spirit of reliance (Tawakkul) not to adopt the means and anticipate the desired results.

Similarly, Allah has created us with feelings and desires. It is human to have desires and Allah has created avenues and methods in which these desires may be fulfilled. Allah states, “It is from the signs of Allah that He has created from you spouses so that you may attain solace and peace and Allah has created the love and compassion between you”. Although Allah in His infinite knowledge knows who will become the partner of whom, we will have to adopt the means of searching for a suitable partner following the guidelines shown to us by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wassallam). It is foolish to belief that since one’s spouse is known or decreed by Allah, an effort to search must not be made. This is against the teachings of Islam and the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wassallam).

In view of the above, there is no concept of “Soul mates” in Islam. One will have to make an effort to search for the appropriate spouse in a manner which is permissible and which does not violate the Laws of Shariah.

Another angle to the issue of soul mate is the issue of fantasising. This generally occurs due to the worry and concern of who would be ones partner in the future. The person becomes a victim of different thoughts and visions. Sometimes these thoughts become so intense and serious that the person becomes oblivious of his surrounds and becomes soaked up into a fantasy world. It is haraam to fantasise and visualize of strange women. In fact, fantasising is a form of zina with the mind. Constant thoughts of this nature will ruin a person to the extent that he/she may not be able to focus and concentrate. Therefore, care must be taken never to indulge in such perverted fantasies and visuals, that hinder ones spiritual self and ultimately ruin ones focus and concentration. 

And Allah knows best


Checked and Approved by: 

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa

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