Fatwa: # 14837
Category: Misc. Fiqh
Country: United States
Date: 20th January 2007


During School, Salaat al Dhuhr occurs and I want to know is it alright to do Tayammam


During School, Salaat al Dhuhr occurs and I want to know is it alright to do Tayammam (Dry wudu or wudu with no water, no sand)and the correct way because at school, ( live in America) I can't ask my teacher to do my prayer as well as coming back from home, the prayer will be cancelled. (I am Hanafi). I am 16. I also want to ask you if it is permissable to listen to nasheed music. w/ any sound effects and/or drums.  Also, is it alright to put a pillow, chair in front of the prayer rug to avoid people from passing in front of you and maybe a way to avoid any object. I want you to know the way I pray Dhuhr during school. On my desk, I place my head down and do my salaat. Also, a way to avoid me from getting sexually attracted to girls. I am a 16 year old Muslim born in a family and just love Islam. Islam beats in my heart and I feel Allah's love and want to do the best I can to make Allah happy.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

May Allah increase your zeal and enthusiasm for Islaam. Aameen.

1.    Our advise to you is to gather some Muslim students and discuss among yourselves to make a joint request to the school to provide a wudhu and salah facility at the school. Such facilities are offered in other schools in the U.S. it may be an idea to request the Muslim parents to also represent their children in person or in writing. Inshallah the authorities will consider the request favourably. Such a facility would also be means of da`wah to other Muslims and non Muslim students.
2.    If a nasheed has music or anything like music, it will not be permissible.
3.    A chair or a pillow could serve as a sutra (barrier) between a person performing salaah and people passing by.

And Allah knows best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa

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